WoW Awakened Normal Boost

Buy Awakened Normal raids boost and gear up fast! Get powerful 493-502 ilvl equipment and claim achievements for defeating bosses. Our Awakened Raids Normal carry service is the perfect way to secure the mount for the Awakening the Dragonflight Raids achievement. Don't wait - enhance your character's power, collect transmog items, and unlock new Dragonriding skins quickly and easily with our Awakened Raids Normal boosting service.

What You Will Get

  • Complete Raid Clear: Conquer all bosses in the chosen Awakened raid.

  • High-Level Loot: Chance to score gear between 493 and 502 item level.

  • Upgrade Materials: Crests, Flightstones, and other Season 4 items to power up your gear.

  • Special Mount Chance: Complete all Awakened Raids to earn a chance at the "Voyaging Wilderling's Harness" mount.

  • Dragonriding Skin Chance: Get unique Dragonriding skins: Highland Drake, Renewed Proto-Drake (Storm-Eater & Blazing).

Loot Options

We offer various loot options for your raid boost:

  • Group Loot (Standard): Roll for items with other players in the raid (1-2 items likely).

  • Unsaved Group Loot (More Chances): Increased chance for rolls (4-6 items per boss).

  • Priority Loot (Targeted Gear): Roll for armor, tier tokens, and suitable non-set items (2-3 to 5-6 items per boss, guaranteed options available).

  • Full Priority (Solo Raid): Receive all dropped loot (most bosses offer 2-3 items, option to increase with extra players).

Additional Options

  • Personal Funnel: Double your loot chance with a dedicated trader who rolls for your gear spec.

  • Gold Boost: Receive 500,000 gold upon completion (legally sourced).

  • Live Stream: Watch your raid boost unfold in real-time.

Boost Methods

We offer three ways to experience the raid:

  • Self-Play: Lead the raid yourself!

  • Piloted Play: Our expert booster will play your character for you.

  • Remote Control Play: Booster accesses your computer securely to play the game while you watch. This option protects your login details.

Remote Control Details:

  • Safe & Private: Your account information stays confidential.

  • Live Observation: Watch your booster play in real-time.

  • Stable Connection Required: Avoid disruptions with a strong internet connection.

  • Temporary PC Access: Grant temporary access for boosting (don't use your PC during the session).

  • Availability Recommended: Be available to reconnect if needed, especially for longer sessions.

  • Start Time May Vary: Expect a slightly longer start time compared to other options.

  • Strong PC Hardware Needed: Ensure smooth boosting with a powerful computer.


  • Active WoW subscription

  • Level 70 character

WoW Awakened Normal Boost Include

Charge into the heart of the Awakened Dragonflight raids and emerge victorious with our Awakened Normal difficulty boosting! This is your chance to conquer all bosses within the raid, securing a trove of epic loot and prestigious achievements along the way. Ascend the ranks of Azeroth's most powerful adventurers, and witness the thrill of defeating challenging encounters – all while our team of WoW veterans expertly guides you through each stage. Buy Awakened Normal carry service and get the following:

  • Swift Gearing & Powerful Rewards: Don't waste time grinding for gear! Our experienced raiders will ensure a swift and efficient run, maximizing your chances of obtaining high-item-level loot from bosses and the Great Vault. This Dragonflight Awakened Normal raid boost is perfect for acquiring Normal difficulty Tier sets, a crucial component for maximizing your character's potential.

  • Effortless Raid Completion: Skip the stress of forming a raid group and navigating complex mechanics. Our professional team will handle everything, allowing you to relax and enjoy the spoils of victory. Focus on mastering your class and refining your skills while we take care of the rest.

  • Time-Saving Solution & Learning Opportunity: Busy schedule? No problem! This WoW Awakened Normal carry service is a fantastic time-saving solution for players who want the raid rewards without the time commitment. Additionally, observe our skilled players in action, gaining valuable insights into boss strategies and raid tactics that you can apply to your future adventures.

We take pride in assembling only the most exceptional WoW players for our Dragonflight Awakened Normal boost services. Each member possesses extensive raid experience and a deep understanding of encounter mechanics. This ensures a smooth and efficient run, maximizing your chances of success.

Our streamlined World of Warcraft Awakened Normal raid carry service prioritizes clear communication and flexibility. You'll receive consistent updates throughout the boost, and we'll work according to your preferred loot distribution method (Group Loot, Priority, or Full-Priority).

Dragonflight Awakened Normal Raids FAQ

What are Awakened Raids?

Awakened Raids are a special raid difficulty introduced in Dragonflight Season 4. They offer a challenging twist on the original raid dungeons with increased difficulty and unique rewards.

How Awakened Raids Are Different?

  • Increased Difficulty: Awakened Raids have a special buff or affix that makes them harder than their normal counterparts. The specifics of this buff are not entirely clear, but expect tougher boss mechanics and potentially stronger enemies.

  • Unique Rewards: Completing Awakened Raids on Normal difficulty or higher contributes towards earning the Voyaging Wilderling mount. You can also achieve the Awakened Hero title by conquering Awakened Raids on Heroic difficulty or above.

What Item Level Gear Can I Expect from Awakened Normal?

Awakened Normal Raids drop loot between item level 493 and 502, with a chance of higher ilvl pieces at the end of the raid (509).

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