Firelands Boost

Buy Cataclysm Firelands boost and torch the raid with our team of seasoned raiders! Conquer all 7 bosses, including the fiery Ragnaros, and secure your share of powerful T12 PvE gear with Cata Classic FL raid boost. Fast track your character's power, unlock exclusive achievements, and claim your place as a legend of the Firelands. Get your World of Warcraft Cataclysm Firelands raid carry today!

What You Will Get

  • Raid Completion: Conquer all 7 bosses on your chosen difficulty (10-player or 25-player).

  • Raid Gear: Get showered with loot! You'll receive at least 2 pieces (10-player) or 4 pieces (25-player) of raid gear.

  • Achievements: Unlock valuable raid-related achievements.

  • Bonus Loot: Keep all the gold, experience, and other treasures found during the run.

Speed Options

  • Normal: Join the completion queue for a standard wait time.

  • Express (30% Faster): Get prioritized placement for a quicker run.

  • Super Express (Fastest): Highest priority and completion by our top WoW Cata Classic boosters.

Additional Options

  • Loot Priority: Receive all class-specific gear that drops for your specialization.

  • Guaranteed Dragonwrath: Secure the legendary two-handed staff, Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest.

  • Live Stream: Watch your Firelands raid carry unfold in real time.


  • Active World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic subscription

  • Level 85 character

Cataclysm Classic Firelands Raid Boosting Service Rewards

The gates of the Firelands are open once more! Are you ready to face the formidable Ragnaros and claim your share of the blazing rewards? Our Cata Classic Firelands raid runs boost empowers you to conquer this iconic raid and propel yourself to the forefront of Azeroth's mightiest heroes. Buy Cata Classic Firelands raid boost for the following benefits:

  • Swift and Efficient Clears: Witness the Firelands fall before your might as our expert raiders eliminate bosses with precision and speed.

  • Gear Up in Blazing Style: Claim powerful loot, including coveted Tier 12 gear and devastating weapons, to solidify your character's dominance.

  • Unleash Your Inner Conqueror: Achieve glory and elevate your character's prestige by acquiring prestigious Firelands raid achievements.

We understand that time is a valuable commodity. Our World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic Firelands Raid carry service prioritizes your convenience and safety. Our team of professional boosters is adept at navigating the intricate mechanics of the raid, ensuring a swift and successful completion. Choose between self-play and piloted options to tailor the experience to your preference. Rest assured, our secure Firelands raid farm guarantees the safety of your account throughout the entire raid.

Cataclysm Classic Firelands FAQ

Where is the Entrance to Firelands?

The entrance to Firelands is located in eastern Twilight Highlands, northeast of Blackrock Mountain. However, you don't access it directly. Speak to Vereesa Windrunner at coordinates 59, 22 in eastern Twilight Highlands to enter the raid instance.

Do I need Attunement to Enter Firelands?

No attunement is required in Cataclysm Classic. However, completing some introductory quests in Mount Hyjal might be helpful.

How Many Bosses are in Firelands?

There are 7 bosses to conquer in the Firelands raid, including:

  • Ragnaros, the Firelord

  • Beth'tilac, the Daughter of Flame

  • Majordomo Staghelm

  • Shannox

  • Balerion, the Black Drake

  • Alysrazor

  • Lord Rhyolith

  • Smoldering Core

What Loot Can I Get in Firelands?

Firelands offers a chance to acquire powerful Tier 11 armor sets, trinkets, weapons, and accessories. Defeating Ragnaros can grant legendary items like Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.

World of Warcraft Firelands
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