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Please, ensure to read this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the — “Agreement”) carefully.

If you do not agree with any of the provisions of the current Agreement, you are not eligible to confirm your registration, use any services provided by the current resource: https://ungrinding.com | YASHA LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as the — “Ungrinding”, “The Platform” or “The Website”), sell, buy or exchange goods via the functional capacity of this trading Platform.

The Agreement regulates the relations between You (also referred to as the “User”) in the capacity of a Seller or a Buyer (hereinafter also referred to as the “Parties” or, if separately, the “Party”) and Ungrinding. The Agreement defines the key notions and conditions, obligations and rights of each Party in deal-making, the usage of instruments, applications and any other services provided by Ungrinding. The Parties have the right to see the Platform as the guarantor. The Parties have the right to request arbitration to resolve any dispute, should one appear.


Company number HE419811

NICOLAOU PENTADROMOS CENTRE, 9th Floor, Flat / Office 908TH, 3025, Limassol, Cyprus

E-mail: support@ungrinding.com

The User Agreement and these Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Cyprus.

1. Definitions

The definitions listed below shall be applicable to this Agreement as well as to Privacy Policy. 1.1. The User is a person that uses the instruments, applications and other services provided by the Ungrinding Platform. Users have the right to purchase the desired Seller Services and Goods, use their Ungrinding Profile, manage the funds they transferred onto their Profile (the funds can be returned to the bank requisites from which they originated), and can count on Ungrinding 's support should any disputes arise. 1.2. The Seller (also referred to as the “Currency supplier”, “Booster”) is a User who has undergone the additional registration procedure, entered additional sign-up data and was granted the opportunity to post Offers, sell Seller Services and Goods on the Platform as well as count on Ungrinding 's support should a dispute occur. 1.3. The Buyer is a User of the Platform who is entitled to:
  • Purchase Seller Services and Goods;
  • Use the Ungrinding Profile;
  • Manage the funds that have been transferred to their Profile (with the opportunity to transfer them back to the bank requisites from which the payment was made);
1.4. An Ungrinding Profile (also referred to as the “Profile”) is a personal account registered by the User on Ungrinding Platform. 1.5. A Gaming Account is an account registered by the User on third-party platforms that are specially designed for the purpose of playing online video games. 1.6. The Seller Service refers to an act or performance offered by a Seller to a Buyer in order to transfer knowledge and / or skills in the gaming sphere as well as useful properties that improve the Gaming Account. 1.7. The Ungrinding Service refers to any intermediate service Ungrinding provides to Users, including hosting and maintaining the Ungrinding Platform, securing the instruments for the Sellers to place and offer their Seller Services and Goods, facilitating the formation of deals between Sellers and Buyers, and assisting Users in resolving disputes which may arise in connection with those deals. 1.8. Goods are valuable virtual components of a game that a Buyer can purchase on the Platform. 1.9. Ungrinding Wallet (also referred to as the “Wallet”) is an electronic account designed on the Platform for settlements between the Seller and the Buyer for buying/selling Seller Services and Goods under this Agreement. 1.10. Commission is a payment to Ungrinding for providing trading space, instruments, intermediary services and money transaction security. 1.11. Subscription is a set of privileges determined by Ungrinding that are gained by the User in exchange for a write-off of a specific amount of money monthly or weekly. 1.12. Status of a verified Seller is a status that allows the Seller to make personal Offers to the Buyers via the Ungrinding Chat and provides Sellers with the privilege of an accelerated withdrawal of funds. 1.13. Ungrinding Chat is a part of the Ungrinding Platform created for the purpose of communication between the Sellers, the Buyers and Ungrinding. 1.14. Deal is a contract entered into on the Ungrinding Platform between a Seller and a Buyer concerning the sale-purchase of Seller Services and Goods. 1.15. Offer is a proposal made by a Seller for the formation of a Deal with a Buyer which includes the description of the product in English (also referred to as the “Item description”), information on delivery time and, if necessary, other bonus conditions determined by a Seller. 1.16. Order - an expression of the Buyer's will to purchase the Seller's Services or Goods on the terms of one of the Offers presented on the Platform. 1.17. Payment Method is a valid credit card issued by a bank acceptable by Ungrinding, an Accentpay, GooglePay or ApplePay account or such other method of payment as Ungrinding may accept from time to time in Ungrinding sole discretion. 1.18. Sanctions refer to disciplinary measures taken against one or both Parties. These may include:
  • Reducing the Buyer's or the Seller's rating;
  • Fining;
  • Temporary or permanent blocking of the Profile.

2. Ungrinding Profile and User's Personal Data

2.1. A User must register an Ungrinding Profile to have full access to Ungrinding Services. By using Ungrinding Platform and by clicking a “Sign Up” button when prompted on the Platform, a User agrees to be bound by all agreements which constitute Ungrinding’s Terms of Service, viz. this Agreement and the Privacy Policy. If a User does not understand or agree to the Terms of Service, they shall not click to accept this Agreement by signing up and shall not visit Ungrinding Website, use the Platform or any other Services provided by Ungrinding. 2.2. The User's Profile registration is subject to approval by Ungrinding. Ungrinding reserves the right to decline a registration of a Profile for any lawful reason. 2.3. Registered users of Ungrinding Platform are referred to as the “Users”, and unregistered users are referred to as the “Site Visitors”. 2.4. In order to acquire the status of Seller, a User should contact support@ungrinding.com with a Subject line: “I want to start selling”. A User should provide their nickname, e-mail address, date of birth, and attach a copy of their passport or government-issued ID, indicating information about Seller Services and Goods they want to sell. After the approval from Ungrinding, the User shall be granted the Status of a Seller. 2.5. Ungrinding may collect Personal Information, such as User’s date of birth or taxpayer identification number, to validate User’s identity or as may be required by law, such as to complete tax filings. Ungrinding may request documents to verify this information, such as a copy of User’s government-issued ID.

3. Relationship between the Parties and Ungrinding. Parties’ Responsibility

3.1. Ungrinding offers a Platform that enables Users to find one another, enter into deals, and make and receive payments through Ungrinding Wallet. 3.2. Via Ungrinding Platform Users can sell, buy or exchange Seller Services and Goods. 3.3. Ungrinding does not possess Seller Services and Goods, does not offer or sell them. It only acts as the intermediary party facilitating the Users in the process of their trading with each other by guaranteeing the safety of the funds placed on the Ungrinding Wallet. 3.4. By accepting this Agreement, the Users acknowledge and agree that Ungrinding does not supervise, direct, control, or monitor Users in the performance of any obligations they may have under the deals and agree that: (a) Ungrinding is not responsible for ensuring the accuracy or legality of any Seller Services, for which Sellers are solely responsible; (b) Ungrinding is not responsible for the offering, performance, or procurement of the deals; (c) Ungrinding does not make any representations about or guarantee any particular User’s actions. 3.5. The Users further acknowledge and agree that Users, and not Ungrinding, are solely responsible for: (a) evaluating and determining the suitability of any deal, Buyer or Seller; (b) assessing whether to enter into a deal with another User and verifying any information about another User; (c) deciding whether to enter into a deal on Ungrinding as well as the deal terms; (d) negotiating, agreeing to, and executing any terms or conditions of the deals and for performing and monitoring performance under them. All deals between Users are directly between the Users and Ungrinding is not a party to them. 3.6. Ungrinding neither guarantees nor is responsible for the safety of the Buyer's Gaming Account or any personal data delivered directly to the Seller or to third parties. Neither is Ungrinding liable of:
  • Any viruses, malicious or harmful programs that the User has allowed to install on their devices as a result of the misuse of networks.
  • The content that the User decides to host on the Ungrinding Platform or the Seller Services that the Seller intends to carry out through their promotion on the Platform.
  • Any action by the User related to the use of the Website, from any damage suffered by the User due to the loss and / or disclosure of the access data, of delays and interruptions in operation, which occur directly or indirectly, for reasons out of the reasonable control of Ungrinding.
  • The quality of the operation of the software, web browsers, operating systems and hardware manufactured and supplied by third parties.
3.7. Sellers have the right to post any necessary information in the item description. The information provided should be accurate. Any information submitted on Ungrinding Platform gains legal power and is regulated by this Agreement. In case the Seller violates one of the provisions set by this Agreement or fails to deliver conditions discussed within Ungrinding 's chat, an arbitrary representative is entitled to applying the following sanctions:
  • Reducing the rating
  • Charging a fine.
3.8. By accepting this Agreement, the Seller guarantees that the rights of third parties are not violated as a result of selling Seller Services or Goods. These provisions apply to the usage of any copyright objects, including trademarks, brand names, and trade information. By using copyright objects, the Seller confirms having the necessary permission from their owners. By Accepting the Agreement, the Sellers also confirm that the they have rights on trading, distribution, and offering for sale of Seller Services and Goods related to third party rights. In addition, the Sellers confirm that such trading, distribution, or Offers for sale do not violate third-party rights. 3.9. The Seller shall be solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the item description and compliance with the delivery times as well as for the fulfilment of the bonus conditions specified in the Offer. 3.10. Neither Ungrinding nor the Seller are responsible for the possible measures or sanctions against a Profile applied by the administration of the game during or after the deal. 3.11. Subject to the conditions set forth herein, Ungrinding reserves the right to unilaterally modify, amend or otherwise change this Agreement and the Privacy Policy whenever necessary by posting a revised version on the Platform. Ungrinding will provide reasonable advance notice of any change via the Website by posting the updated Terms of Service on the Platform and providing notice on the Platform or by email. The Users shall be responsible for regularly reviewing the Platform to obtain timely notice of the modifications. 3.12. Ungrinding reserves the right to delete or edit any piece of information published on the Website, including material that violates current legislation, violates third party rights, or is inappropriate from the Ungrinding 's point of view. 3.13. Sharing or selling of Gaming Accounts to third parties is not allowed on Ungrinding. 3.14. Ungrinding provides the Users with the opportunity to receive customer support via the Ungrinding Chat on the Website by clicking the "Chat with us" button. Where necessary, the User may also contact Ungrinding at support@ungrinding.com to address Customer Service.

4. Interaction between the Parties on the Platform. Deal-making Process

4.1. The Users guarantee polite and respectful treatment to each other as well as to Ungrinding’s official representatives. 4.2. The Seller Services and / or Goods are delivered at the Platform by the Seller to the Buyer, according to the terms and conditions of the Deal agreed by them. 4.3. The interaction between the Buyer and the Seller throughout the process of the formation and fulfilment of the Deal can be divided into the following 4 (four) stages:
  • “Placed”;
  • “In progress”;
  • “Confirmation”;
  • “Completed”.
4.3. The purpose of the “Placed” stage for the Parties is to agree upon the conditions of the Seller Services and / or Goods provided by the Seller to the Buyer in the scope of a certain Deal so that the Deal is deemed to be formed. The Buyer and the Seller interact at the Platform in the course of the “Placed” stage under the following provisions: 4.3.1. In response to the Seller's Offer available at the Platform, the Buyer places his Order. The Buyer's Order consists of selections of preferable execution options available in the Seller's Offer so that the base Offer price can change subject to the options chosen for the Proposal. Depending on the number and peculiarities of the selected preferable execution options available in the Seller's Offer, the Buyer knows from the Platform the price and order completion time for his Order. To place the Order, the Buyer should make an advance payment from the Buyer's Ungrinding Wallet in the amount of the Order price automatically calculated by the Platform on the basis of the priorly selected preferable execution options available in the Seller's Offer. By making the advance payment for Seller Services or Goods indicated in the Order, the Buyer confirms their complete and unconditional consent to receive Seller Services and Goods under the terms of the Order. Once the Order is placed, the Seller is able to observe the Order and to agree (or to reject) with the Order conditions. After the Seller agrees with the Order conditions, the Deal is deemed to be formed under the same conditions, and the stage “In progress” commences. The Buyer always has the right to cancel the Order at the “Placed” stage. In this case the amount of the advance payment for the Order placement will be returned back to the Buyer's Ungrinding Wallet. 4.4. Under the “In progress” stage, the Seller delivers the Seller Services and / or Goods according to the terms and conditions of the Deal agreed between the Parties at the “Placed” stage. The Buyer and the Seller interact at the Platform in the course of the “In progress” stage under the following provisions: 4.4.1. The Seller is obliged to start working on the Deal fulfilment within the time limit that is either specified in advance or agreed upon during the chat with the Buyer, in compliance with all the conditions of the Deal. In case this Agreement or terms and conditions of the Deal agreed by the Parties are violated, the partial refund can be claimed by the injured Party. 4.4.2. Users are entitled to cancel their Deal. When cancelling the Deal, the User receives a full or partial refund to the Wallet. The cases under which the User has the right to cancel their Deal are listed below. 4.5. The Buyer and the Seller interact at the Platform in the course of the “Confirmation” stage under the following provisions: 4.5.1. After the Deal is fulfilled and the Seller Service and / or Good is received by the Buyer, provided all Deal conditions are met, the Seller reports the delivery of the Seller Service and / or Good at the Platform by uploading delivery evidence, i.e. screenshots on the “My Sales” page. 4.5.2. After the Seller uploads screenshots, the Buyer accepts the Seller's Services rendered and / or Goods delivered by clicking the “Confirm delivery” button. This indicates the Buyer's final acceptance of the fulfilment of the Seller's obligations under the Deal. Once the Buyer's final acceptance of the fulfilment of the Seller's obligations under the Deal occurred, the Deal is deemed to be “Completed”. 4.5.3. Alternatively, the Buyer is entitled to reject the Deal Confirmation and appeal to Ungrinding Support for the Deal cancelling and / or refund. 4.5.4. Should the Buyer neither accept the Deal fulfilment, nor reject the Deal Confirmation, after 24 hours pass since the screenshots are uploaded by the Seller on the “My Sales” page, the Buyer's final acceptance of the fulfilment of the Seller's obligations under the Deal is deemed to have been made. 4.6. Under the “Completed” stage, the Seller receives their funds for the completed Deal at the Seller’s Ungrinding Wallet. 4.7. The cases in which the Users are entitled to request a refund as well as other provisions on refunds are expressly set forth in Ungrinding Refund Policy.

5. Ungrinding Wallet. Transactions between the Parties

5.1. After the Deal formation, the first time a Seller uses the Platform to receive payment from the Buyer, Ungrinding will establish and maintain an Ungrinding Wallet for a Seller to receive or withdraw payments, to issue refunds to Buyers and to make payments to Ungrinding. 5.2. After entering into a deal, the first time a Buyer makes a payment to a Seller Ungrinding will establish and maintain an Ungrinding Wallet for a Buyer to hold funds for the Buyer, to use to make payments or receive refunds in connection with deals, and to make payments to Ungrinding. 5.3. Ungrinding Wallet is based on the User's needs. Users agree to authorise Ungrinding to be their escrow agent, which means Ungrinding shall hold the funds and follow the instructions on the funds held in the Wallet. Ungrinding shall act as escrow agent in connection with the payment, holding, and receipt of funds in accordance with the Terms of Service. 5.4. The Seller transfers the property in Goods or renders the Seller Services to the Buyer for a consideration in the form of virtual funds from the virtual balance on the Ungrinding Wallet. 5.5. Up to the moment when the deal is over, the Buyer's funds are under the protection of Ungrinding Wallet and are finally transferred over to the Seller after the deal is complete and both Parties confirm all conditions were met. 5.6. Ungrinding is a guarantor in any deals made with the use of Ungrinding Wallet which means Ungrinding is responsible for the safety of Ungrinding Wallets and ensures the security of the Profile-related data by storing it on a secure server. The Ungrinding 's guarantor Services are provided from the moment the funds are transferred to the User's Ungrinding Wallet up until they are further transferred to the other. Should any technical accidents occur, including the hacking of User’s Ungrinding Wallet, the funds stored in the Wallet shall be returned to the User in case sufficient evidence is provided by the User to prove the accidents are not attributable to the User’s own actions. 5.7. After a 90-days period the Seller shall withdraw available funds by any appropriate means available at the Ungrinding Platform, including bank transfer through the payment system used by the Ungrinding Platform. The Seller reserves the right to request the withdrawal of the funds from their Ungrinding Wallet any time before the completion of a 90-days period on a one-time basis. 5.8. The Buyer should have enough virtual funds from the virtual balance on the Ungrinding Wallet for a good consideration for the Seller Services or Goods on the Ungrinding Platform. 5.9. In Ungrinding Profile the User can transfer funds to Ungrinding Wallet. The User can also use funds during the purchase of any Seller Services or Goods the sum of which will be automatically transferred to their Wallet and charged from there immediately in that case. 5.10. When transferring funds, the Users recognize that they are not buying a specific Seller Service or Good but are transferring funds onto the balance of the virtual Wallet which is going to be used to pay for the Seller Services or Goods being purchased.

6. Non-Circumvention

6.1. A User agrees not to ask for, provide, attempt to identify through public means or find outside the Platform the contact information of other Users, including personal contact data. The sole exception shall be the gaming data, which includes any relevant information used for communication within the game, such as Username or server. 6.2. Ungrinding Platform shall be the sole manner for any User to communicate with other Users. 6.3. The Users agree not to provide any information that would allow the others to contact them directly by any means of communication other than the official Website. 6.4. The Users agree not to circumvent the Payment Methods offered on the Platform. 6.5. An attempt to circumvent the Payment Methods by paying for the Seller Services and Goods listed on the Website without using the Platform as an intermediary will result in blocking both Parties’

7. Sanctions and Fine Policy

7.1 Ungrinding may invoke the right to cancel the Agreement with the User and block the User’s Ungrinding Profile, revoking their access to the Platform in the following cases:
  • If the User breaches any terms and conditions of this Agreement or any other portion of the Terms of Service;
  • If the User tries to directly target, abuse or otherwise insult other User (-s) of the Platform;
  • If the User provided false or misleading information to Ungrinding and / or other User (-s);
  • If the User’s actions may cause legal liability for Ungrinding and / or other User (-s) or third parties; may be contrary to the interests of the Platform or the User community; may involve illicit or illegal activity;
  • If Ungrinding is required to by law, legal process or law enforcement.
7.2. Ungrinding is entitled to refuse payment of the funds placed on Ungrinding Wallet to the Seller partially or completely in the following cases:
  • If a Seller provided inaccurate information to Ungrinding and / or other User (-s);
  • If a Seller has committed or attempted to commit fraud or other illicit acts on or through the Platform or is using the Platform unlawfully;
  • If erroneous or duplicate transactions were made between the Parties.
7.3. If a Seller refuses to deliver the order to the Buyer or fulfil other obligations under the deal with the Buyer, the following measures and sanctions may be introduced against them by Ungrinding:
  • Rating reduction;
  • Money withdrawal from the Seller's Ungrinding Wallet;
  • Full or partial refund of money to the Buyer’s Ungrinding Wallet;
  • Withdrawal of the Seller’s current Offers from the Platform;
  • Withdrawal of the Status of Seller.
7.4. Ungrinding will notify the Users of any actions or measures applied to them via e-mail and a notification in Ungrinding Profile.

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