Ancient Tree Boost

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Ancient Tree Slain Rewards

Stressed about strategizing, coordinating, and wiping in endless attempts against the formidable Ancient Tree? Our Tarisland Ancient Tree carry service empowers you to vanquish this colossal boss and claim your rightful rewards, effortlessly!

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Why Should I Buy Tarisland Ancient Tree Boosting?

The ancient guardians slumbering within the heart of Tarisland offer more than just a thrilling challenge. With our Tarisland Ancient Tree run for sale you'll gain access to a treasure trove of loot:

  • Raid-Specific Gear: Emerge from the battlegrounds clad in the finest equipment, meticulously crafted to amplify your character's prowess.

  • Raid Tokens: These invaluable tokens unlock exclusive gear, consumables, and other coveted enhancements within Tarisland.

  • Coins Galore: Gather a windfall of Silver and Gold Coins while our team vanquishes the Ancient Tree. These coins fuel your further adventures, allowing you to invest in powerful upgrades and training.

  • Material Mastery: Don't miss out on the essential materials harvested during the raid. These resources fuel crafting, imbuing, and other vital processes that elevate your character to new heights.

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Ancient Tree FAQ

What is Tarisland Ancient Tree?

The Ancient Tree is a major raid boss in Tarisland. It resides in the Root of Corrosion raid dungeon. Defeating it is a challenging feat that requires teamwork and strategy.

What are Ancient Tree Difficulties?

The Ancient Tree is the second raid you'll encounter in Tarisland and is designed for 10 players. You can tackle it with a pre-made group of 9 friends or use matchmaking to fill your raid party. There are two difficulty levels:

  • Normal: Offers a decent challenge but is a good starting point for players new to raiding.

  • Elite: Significantly harder and requires a minimum Gear Score of 90.

What are the Mechanics of the Ancient Tree Fight?

The Ancient Tree utilizes various attacks throughout the encounter. These include:

  • Wild Growth: A moving area-of-effect attack that deals damage in a ring-shaped pattern.

  • Summoning Mushrooms: The Ancient Tree summons healing mushrooms that need to be destroyed before reaching it.

  • Intermission Phases: At specific health thresholds, the Ancient Tree transitions to intermission phases with additional mechanics: Rage of Nature (Deals damage to the entire raid group), Summoning Guardians (Spawns powerful guardians that need to be eliminated), Pollinate (Applies a damage-over-time debuff to a random player).

What Kind of Loot Can I Get from defeating the Ancient Tree?

Victorious raiders will be rewarded with loot specific to the Ancient Tree raid, including gear, Raid Tokens, and Materials.

Tarisland Ancient Tree Boss
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