Keystone Hero Season Three

Buy Keystone Hero and conquer M+ dungeons in Dragonflight Season 4! Complete any Mythic +8 or higher, unlock rare feats of strength, or choose 8 Mythic +10 keys for convenient dungeon teleports. Not only will you gain access to high-rated gear, but our WoW Keystone Hero boost will propel you towards a Mythic score of 2500+, securing those coveted Dragonflight Season 4 rewards. Team up with top players and dominate the toughest challenges – buy World of Warcraft Mythic+ score boost today!

What you’ll get

  • Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season Four Achievement

  • "The Draconic" Title

  • Awakened Mark of Mastery currency item for tier set piece exchange

  • 506 ilvl Gear from Mythic +8 Dungeons

  • Great Vault Rewards offering 519 ilvl Gear

  • Flightstones and Crests for Gear Upgrades

Additional Options

  • Mythic +10 KSH Completion: Unlocks teleports for all Season 4 dungeons. Earn 509 ilvl end-of-dungeon loot and 522 ilvl Great Vault rewards.

Boosting Methods

  • Self-Play: Join the group and control your character.

  • Piloted: Let our expert play on your account.

  • Remote Control: Secure boosting without sharing login details; watch live gameplay.

Remote Control Service Details

  • Safety & Confidentiality: No account details shared.

  • Direct Observation: Watch the boosting in real-time.

  • Connection Quality: Requires stable internet for optimal performance.

  • Computer Access: Booster uses specialized software on your PC.

  • Availability: Stay accessible for any connectivity issues.

  • Start Time: Longer setup due to security measures.

  • Hardware Requirements: Strong PC recommended for smooth gameplay.


  • Active WoW subscription

  • Level 70 character

  • 506 ilvl Gear

Keystone Hero Season 4 Rewards

Struggling to conquer Mythic+ dungeons and reach the prestigious Keystone Hero rank in Dragonflight Season Four? Look no further! Our elite team of professional boosters is here to empower you. With our World of Warcraft Keystone Hero Season 4 boosting service, you'll transcend time limits, dominate challenging encounters, and achieve the coveted 2500 Mythic+ rating in record time.

Invest in WoW Keystone Hero carry and unlock a wealth of benefits:

  • Effortlessly secure the coveted Keystone Hero achievement and its associated rewards, including convenient dungeon teleports.

  • Expedite your journey to acquiring top-tier loot with 509 item level gear dropping from Mythic+ 10 runs.

  • Unlock the prestigious Great Vault brimming with powerful 522 item level rewards, propelling your character to new heights of prowess.

  • "The Draconic" title bestowed upon reaching a Mythic+ rating of 1500 during the season.

  • Free yourself from the stress and frustration of endless dungeon runs.

We prioritize your satisfaction above all else. Our team comprises seasoned Mythic+ veterans who possess an intimate understanding of every dungeon's mechanics, enemy encounters, and optimal strategies. Dragonflight Mythic+ score boost will navigate challenges with precision, ensuring a smooth and efficient boost that achieves the desired outcome swiftly.

Keystone Hero Season Four FAQ

What is Keystone Hero Season 4?

Keystone Hero is a prestigious feat of strength earned by achieving a Mythic+ rating of at least 2500 during Dragonflight Season 4. This rating reflects your mastery of complex dungeon mechanics, teamwork, and pushing the limits within the time constraints.

How to Earn Keystone Hero in Season 4?

  • Assemble your group: Gather your most reliable and skilled companions. Communication, coordination, and understanding of class synergies are paramount.

  • Conquer Mythic+ dungeons: Successfully complete Mythic+ dungeons at level 8 or higher, pushing for the fastest time possible. Each successful run with a good time will increase your Mythic+ rating.

  • Maintain a high rating: Strive for consistency. A single bad run won't destroy your progress, but focus on continual improvement and pushing your limits strategically.

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