Mythic Plus Gear Boost

Buy WoW Mythic plus gear and equip your character with top-tier gear! Choose your desired key level and gear options – our Dragonflight Mythic+ gear carry service will have your character fully equipped with BiS gear in no time. Unlike running dungeons yourself, you won't be limited by loot drops or your free time. Our team is available to farm for you, allowing you to focus on work, hobbies, or simply relaxing. Need only specific items or slots? No problem – we offer customization options for World of Warcraft M+ gear boost to target your exact needs.

What You'll Get

  • Multiple Mythic+ Runs: We'll take you on challenging Mythic+ dungeons at your chosen key level (+4, +6, +8, +10).

  • Powerful Gear: You'll receive high-item-level Mythic+ equipment, either for all slots or specifically for the ones you choose. You can even target specific BiS pieces.

  • Bonus Loot: Keep all the gold, crafting materials, and other valuables found during the runs.

  • Item Level Boost: Reach your desired overall item level of 499, 502, 506 or 509.

Gearing Options

  • Full Gear: We'll run Mythic+ dungeons until you have a complete set of gear at your chosen item level.

  • Specific Gear Slot: Focus on a particular slot (e.g., head, chest) and farm Mythic+ runs until it's filled with a powerful item.

  • Specific Items: Tell us the type of gear you need (e.g., trinket, weapon) and preferred BiS items. Our team will target those specific drops.

Insurance Options

  • Self-Play: You'll control your character and participate in the group yourself.

  • Piloted Play: A skilled booster will play your character for you on your account.

  • Remote Control: We'll use secure software to remotely control your character on your PC.


  • Level 70 character

Dragonflight Mythic Plus Gear Boost Service Rewards

Discover the power of Mythic+ dungeons without the time commitment. Our World of Warcraft M+ gear boost lets you equip your character with top-tier items from dungeons. Choose your desired key level and gear options, and watch as our skilled players dress your character in the finest WoW DF Mythic Plus gear.

Unveil the treasure trove of Mythic+ dungeons, where loot knows no bounds. With our Mythic Plus gear carry service, experience the thrill of limitless runs and abundant rewards. While you focus on your life, work, or leisure, our dedicated team will meticulously outfit your character with the most sought-after gear.

Customize your gear acquisition strategy with precision. Opt for full gear sets through multiple Mythic+ runs, cherry-pick specific gear slots for instant upgrades, or curate a collection of specific items. Our comprehensive WoW M+ gear boost service ensures that your character ascends to greatness with the best-in-slot gear.

World of Warcraft M+ Gear FAQ

How Do I Get Mythic Plus Gear?

There are several ways to acquire Mythic Plus gear:

  • Completing Mythic Plus dungeons: Each dungeon boss and some trash mobs have a chance to drop Mythic+ gear. The chance of getting higher item level gear increases with the difficulty of the dungeon key you complete.

  • The Great Vault: This weekly reward system offers powerful gear based on the highest Mythic Plus key you completed the previous week. The higher the key, the better the loot!

  • End-of-season rewards: Players who participate consistently in Mythic Plus throughout a season can earn special gear based on their highest achieved rating.

What are Mythic Plus Item Levels?

Mythic Plus gear scales in item level based on the difficulty of the dungeon completed. Higher difficulty dungeons offer a higher chance of dropping higher item level loot.


Keystone Level

Dungeon Gear ilvl

Great Vault Reward ilvl

Mythic +0



Mythic +2



Mythic +3



Mythic +4



Mythic +5



Mythic +6



Mythic +7



Mythic +8



Mythic +9



Mythic +10



World of Warcraft character in Mythic Plus Gear
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